Caul the Armorer may be the worst armorer of all time!

I found it funny Caul the Armorer sells no armor at all.


  • Well, it's a long story. He used to sell armor but one day he was trying on a particularly tight suit and somehow couldn't get it off. He had to beg one of his blacksmith friends to free him and from that time on he decided it was safer not to fool with armor.

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    Poor Caul, was probably this:

    I hear they are difficult for some men to take off...

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    I tried to ask him but he said, "No comment." However, I did hear him mumble, "Darn tiny buttons in the back. What nut puts buttons in the back?" And his assistant said he likes to think of himself as a great armorer. It draws more people into his shop. When they ask about armor, he tries to sell them swords that drain health, mana and that boost ac. He tells them how macho or macha it is to fight without armor while wielding a cutting-edge sword. He's working on laser swords, the newest technology.

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