some unsolved quests

hi cat. i have a couple of things unsolved in hol3. i’ve read the classic walkthru but it seems the things have changed a lot in the hd. so here they are;

pirate dirk - maybe i haven’t found it, or worse lost it... where is the dirk originally found on hol3? i travelled all the smiths but no one is selling it...

dark brother - searched in and around the dark monastery. one of the brothers outside acts strangely. one inside doesn’t even talk to me. last one seems innocent. couldn’t find the real dark bro...

cure for green witch - in the classic version the destination is the emerald forest, but there’s no such place in hd. where can i find the cure?



  • Aslamov sells the dirk if you lost it but you'll have to camp out outside his shop to get it as it's appearance rate in his inventory is one in ten.

    For the brother, do you have the Healer Practitioner ability and Persuasion of at least 95? He's in the west of the monastery and Persuasion of at least 95?

    Mordrik in the village sells the cure--Crocodile Tears. She does tell you. : )

  • thanks a lot cat!!

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