Real World Expansion?

Ever thought about doing an expansion with all the fantasy tropes, and more of a real world feel? The protaganast would be an earthling, traveling on a new section of earth newly discovered, or back in time, or in future, etc. Monsters can be both fantasy and real world, like lions and apes. I love fantasy stories placed in places that are more normal, without spellings like Boglad’ha. Or even just the old story of a human being tp’ed to another world to save it, allowing for current real world references. Would be fun!


  • I meant without all the fantasy tropes.

  • We have the Asteroids expansions where you're swept up into an asteroid belt that takes place in the future. I don't know if you've played those in the classic version.

    We may consider doing something more in future time on the earth in the future but not this year. This year we're porting Luko III and Celtic Queen and have one other new expansion to work on that takes place over the Andaman Islands but with a fantasy name--so that one will undoubtedly have more real world creatures. : )

    Thanks for your input.

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