You know you play the Quest too much when...

We had this on the old site... my contributions....
When I’m walking my dogs through the woods and look at a tree hollow and think “wonder if that leads somewhere or if it’s just a nest of squirrels”
Running out of battery on my phone every few hours
Getting a new iPad and worrying that my backups won’t download properly...


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    Same here. When I look at some nice trees or flowers and think, hey, that would look really nice in the Quest or that reminds me of the Quest.

    Or when sitting at my computer for hours and have lost a significant part of my circulation. Cause unlike you guys, I have to test and to do that to play on PC. Aargh! Oh, to comfortably use my iPad. Never gonna happen.

  • I’d happily play on pc! Or phone. Or tablet. You get the picture don’t you?

  • I broke my iPad while playing this game. It was an accident, not blaming the game, was an accicent. Separate story but Apple Support was amazing. I told them I was disabled, which I am, and they actually sent me a new iPad at no charge – unbelievable. But, I had to go three days while waiting for my new iPad to arrive without playing the game. I am not kidding, I went through a sort of withdrawal. Just got my iPad tonight and the very first thing I told it to restore after downloading my back up was Marchss Curse. And playing it now while the rest of my programs are installing. So so happy big :-)

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