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Compared to the classic counterparts, what has changed aside from graphics for the HD versions? For one, I noticed that magic resistance (for both PC and enemies) seem to cap at 90%, thus making it impossible to achieve magic immunity (thank you, now magic is a viable means of playstyle). Another thing I noticed is that skills can be increased over the old limit of 100. What's the new skill level cap?

Also, while fiddling around with Macha's Curse, I noticed that the introductory message from in-game character addresses PC by appropriate gender. Can we expect a more noticeable mentions like this in other games too? Not just the gender differences but also the race?

Also (also) can I ask why a lot of expansion maps are always square blocks, all wedged together? The base game and Ice and Fire had world maps that actually resembled how worlds would look. Any chance we could get these back? Pretty please (with cherry on top)?


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    Hi. You're better off asking about changes in the HD version vis-a-vis the classic version in the Redshift forum as I don't know all the changes. Porting each expansion though, we've made many changes, some changes to the maps, some changes to the story, added levels, items and quests. Hero of Lukomorye III will be very different from the classic version.

    Did you trying enchanting items you wear with resist magic? I can ask Elendil your question. I will also ask him about the skill level cap.

    I sometimes have race appropriate messages--can try to do that more in Caerworn Castle which will be a new expansions after porting Hero of Lukomorye III. Porting the expansions is a ton of work so have been focused on that.

    I use an 8x8 square map which Stewe originally told me is the most stable. I don't use the larger grid of the base game. Trying to make the worlds look less square. But don't want to give up my 8x8 grid. : ) Keeping the expansions stable is my highest priority. Remember that the base game and Ice and Fire were made before the many expansions. They could be large without bogging down the game. If I used the larger grid and it didn't work and I had to put a game in all over again because of instability---that would not be pleasant. I had to do that with Macha's Curse because it was just too big initially and it was not the best experience.

  • Yes, I did add resist magic enchantment on some gears and chugged down homemade resist magic potion - I remember the number not budging past the 90% mark. I actually prefer it this way though - classic games made magic obsolete and narrowed down the combat options to simply hitting enemies with big pieces of steel.

    Caerworn Castle? That's an intriguing name - is it based off on real life location and lore like Thor's Hammer with Norse mythology?

    Ohhhhh okay, never knew there were stability issues with larger grid maps. I can understand your reasoning for prioritising stability - I just wanted to know if there was a possibility of seeing a more diverse map layout in future expansions. In any case, thank you for all your hard work! And really looking forward to seeing the rest of the HOL expansions ported to HD!
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    Caerworn Castle is based on a castle in Wales in 1600. : ) The myths woven into the games are usually real with some embellishments.

    Hero of Lukomorye I and II maps were pretty squarish as they were our first expansions--I try to break the maps up for later expansions with rivers and such but as I said, Stewe said the expansions would be most stable with the 8x8 grid--that leaves me with a good-sized game but nothing as monumental as the base game. HOLIII will be next after Celtic Queen which is done, then Caerworn Castle.

    You'd be surprised how much work goes into making the expansions stable.

  • I see. Looking forward to it then :) I never had the chance to finish the HOL saga so this should be interesting. Will the rest of the expansions - mainly the asteroids and cursed chess set - get ported to hd too?

    Apologies for all these questions ^.^;
  • Elendil's answer to your question:

    Player magic resistance (and paralysis resistance) caps at 80%. Poison resistance at 95%.

    Monster resistance limit is 100%,

    The skill limit is 500.

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