Does anyone know where one acquires the "Astragalus" ability?

So after playing through all the expansions I decided to optimize based on experience and did them all over again with a new character.

I was comparing the two characters and I noticed that my first character had a "Astragalus" ability (Fortify Melee +10%, +20 Attack magic, +30 Accuracy, and +30 Disarm). I looked around with my new character and couldn't come across where I acquired this ability (also couldn't find anything searching through the forums.

Anyone know about this ability? I haven't played the new Celtic Queen expansion with my original character so I know it's not from there.


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    That's from Hero of Lukomorye II. Imran in Redshift University gives it to you as long as you follow his orders not to read the spell book Destruction. If you read the book and learn the spell, he won't reward you.

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