A little help please!

Trying to finish up Lukomorye 3, I spoke to Solovey, spoke to Opta, and now I can’t seem to find Solovey again. Where’d he go?

Also, how do I open the door to get to the Fairy Godmother??

Thanks, and great game as usual!


  • He's on one of the boats on the High Seas where you left him. : ) Just find the boy Hanso in the far northwest of Pogan Island who originally took you out to the High Seas and then swing from ship to ship until you find him. I would have marked the spot but then I mark a lot.

    To open the door to the Fairy Godmother, you need this quest:

    For Drisdane, Floating University, find and arrest or kill Cologreve's three major crime bosses. They are Kratov, known as the Godfather, Strong Arm the Dwarf and a woman known as the Fairy Godmother."

    Thanks. :smile:

  • Thanks Cat, I cant seem to be getthe quest from Drisdane. I’m talking to him as I type this! The only Quest I’ve gotten in regard to killing Fairy Godmother is from Kratov, but I can’t get to her.

  • I'll help you with that in the next update.

  • Thanks! In the dragon room inside the casino, I hit a skull on the wall after defeating all the dragons and won 45 million gold. Am I going to use or lose this while completing Drisdane’s quest? Or am I now the richest nogur in all the land??

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    The Magic Eight Ball says, "Who knows?"

    Porting the old expansions is always full of surprises.

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