I have been trying to find a shop(s) that will pay higher than 90,000 for items to no avail. Is 90,000 the cap or limit on items. Not to sound rude but if so why be able to build high Mercantile if you cannot use it.


  • Is there something I might be able to do to increase the amount. I have said no to their question I can only pay 90000 and get asked the same question again. I have high personality, appraise, and persuasion. Does outfit points help. Any recommendations greatly appreciated. GREEDY.

  • The cap in the stores is 90000. That's higher than in the base game. Maxing it out too far could cause problems.

  • It's still awesome to have high Mercantile. The cost of items does go down and resale does go up.

  • I think that's what Redshift intended.

  • There goes the billionaire club...
  • Keep up faith. I made the billionaire club. I just leave gold now since it won't count any higher!

  • Care to reveal your favorite cash/gem/item spot? Like Mad Dwarfs drop 20000, luko 1 find the amulet cave gems on floor. Cave of the ascetics for items. My favorite is Malachite hills Sphinxs67leveler and Hibarki village.

  • Played the slots in LUKIII. Not sure it wasn't a bug, but as I recall there were slots in the casino where you fight dragons. They were the masks hanging on the walls of the pillar where you entered the Dragon fighting pit. They weren't marked or anything, but if you tapped them (or possibly struck them with your weapon?) you played a slot and you either won or lost crazy amounts. Literally only took me a few minutes but got lucky and maxed out my gold.

  • I did try the casino/dragon fighting but said something something about Have to 50 I dont recall the was a typo. I interpreted it as must be lvl 50. Came back at 50 and nothing,no sign, no cha ching nothing. The slots I think paid out 10k. Nothing compared to your experience.

  • Went back and looked and also didn't see it. So either I'm not remembering correctly where I ran into this (most likely), or the feature was never really intended and has since been removed. But I'm pretty sure it was somewhere in the casino in LUKIII (and was definitely by tapping on those hanging masks). Glad I won the lottery when I did!

  • Yes, it was in the Casino and behind the hole, where at least 8 dragons to fight were. Tapping on wallpapers made you win/ lose huge amounts. So save/ load is necessery.

  • Alas, it is no more.

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