Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

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Wishing you and yours happiness, health, and that all your prayers and wishes come true in 2019. Meow!

My wish for 2019 apart from wishing my family health and happiness and prosperity is to get a scratch off where I win more than ten dollars. : )


  • Happy New Year Cat! I' d love to get another christmass gift from you- new expansion...:-)

  • More like a Valentine's Day present but hopefully sooner.

  • Happy Holidays :smile: Be both warm and safe or cool if your in a hot region.

    Too bad we won't see any new expansions for awhile. But at least we have something to look forward too. :smiley:

  • Needs about three more weeks of testing. :)

  • We need the extra testing because the end is complex and changed. Now if you kill Prince Malin, you can still help Queen Habren regain control of the Wheel of Time.

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