Macha's Curse - Coming Soon

Level 35, Entry from Mithria.



  • Nice! Will this one be for Quest HD or original?

  • @fershid said:
    When? :D

    Putting in the quests now.

  • @Ninjaofquest said:
    Nice! Will this one be for Quest HD or original?

    For HD. Redshift does not want to do new expansions for the Classic version. Planning to port HOLIII to HD and then will have another new one.

  • Expected date please? Can't wait...

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    @Aeon said:
    Expected date please? Can't wait...

    Macha's Curse has a lot of areas to explore and trading and crafting as well as the usual level puzzles and quests. Worked really hard to add new graphics.

    It has to be tested thoroughly. Estimated release is February or late January. I'm just putting in the quests and the testers need to do their wonderful work. We've started. There is a muscular, new monster you won't encounter til the end. : ) He (they) should give you a good workout.

  • Nice avatar! :)

  • Thank you Cat! Seems that in meantime I will wander through these worlds (HOL1, HOL2, Celtic and Thor) and visit my favorite places with favorite respawned monsters to survive till Macha will be born..:-)

  • I'm so looking forward to this! Thank you for all your hard work in keeping these games alive. Love the new forum btw. :)

  • Thank you! Working hard on Macha's Curse. I'd put up a pic of some of the new monsters but I'd like to surprise you. <3

  • Please hurry...:-). And at least 2 pictures please...

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    waiting patiently... sort of...

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    It's a big file. Two pictures coming up. No pictures of the end because it's a surprise. : )

  • Sharp teeth come in little packages---

  • Looks amazing...bring it on..:-)

  • Looks fantastic!

  • Thanks. Based on the stats gathered, it looks like Macha's Curse should be starting level at least 40.

  • Very nice graphics! :)
  • Worked really hard on adding new graphics. Thank you.

    The avatars in this thread are very nice. : )

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    Lots of crafting. : ) Leather, jewelry, bronze, other items. New item graphics-leather, tin, copper, bilberry, burdock and mistletoe.

  • Can´t wait...will you catch release until the end of JAN?

  • We can start testing formally by 1/6, still have some trading and crafting to put in. So, it's possible we could release by end of January. : )

  • The beta testers would like the starting level to be 30 BUT am putting in higher level monsters in various areas that won't show up unless you're a higher level, tests for your level from greater than 39, to greater than 49 and in between and to 50; If you think that level should be lower, please let me know. Some only appear at night. So, so far--

    High level hidden monsters (Level is level you have to be at least):
    Mussel Bay Jimmy Squarefoot Level 43
    Ancient Oracle The Morrigan Level 45
    Emain Macha :: Maeve's Assassin Level 39 Night
    Emain Macha :: Maeve's Assassin Level 49 Night
    Cooley Peninsula 3 Walking Weedys Level 46 Night
    Wizard Crotchety Joan the Torch Level 39
    Loch Belvoir Maeve's Assassin Level 50

    Adding a lot more.

  • I'd suggest not higher than 46 to see all monsters. 49-50 is too high I think.

  • Highest is level 43 now, thanks. : )

  • Great, that sounds very reasonable..:-)

  • Would you like longer battles, harder-hitting monsters or both?

  • In this matter I really have no problem with current battle conditions as they are, on similar principle as in HOL II. Thats for myself..

  • Just want it released :)

  • What level are you?

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