Back again

Hello Cat, it's been a while since i wrote to your forum. I have lost my phone, so i had to start a new game. Somehow the Cloud saving didn't work. Now i managed to make all expansions till caerworn. Somehow i wasn't able to finish two quests. The one is from the main game "Go to the north-east Island" the other is "pacify the spirit" i quess it was luko II. Now my new char is a lvl 63 seiry. Would it be possible to create a way to fail some quests (for example a chat with phreed or something like that). Would appreciate that much. Now i head forward to celtic doom.


  • I can't affect the main game. Redshift would have to do that. But I can help you fail the pacify the spirit quest but it will have to be in Basilisk's Eye. I don't like to do that because it can affect players who already solved the quest if they don't read carefully. Would you rather have me help you solve that quest? That's from Luko I.

  • I killed the spirit accidentally and it seems that it doesn't respwan, so that wouldn't be possible. Ah i think that it's ok with two unsolved quests. Thank you. Celtic doom seems to have more challenging opponents. I like that much. You'll see lvl 100 isn't that far :-)
  • If you can live with it, it's better for everyone because solving quests or failing them through Phredd can get glitchy for others. Thanks for caring about your fellow players.

  • It might not be a bad idea if, when the last classic expansion is ported to HD, I could take a poll about which quests players would like to fail and make a small expansion for that or put it in a secret area that is very difficult to reach with large warning signs.

  • That would be great Cat. Perhaps you could do something like that. Thank you
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