A bug

Hi Cat,

I encountered a bug that allows re-gaining a level lost due to experience drain with gaining new attribute, skill points and restoring the possibility of drinking permanent attribute potions. By repeating a certain procedure multiple times, a character can be made very powerful. I am not disclosing the details in order not to ruin someone's gameplay. Is this something known that won't be fixed or should I contact Elendil?


  • I never heard of this. It sounds like something only Elendil could fix. But the code is not his code--so it might not even be possible. You should write him if you can duplicate it. He'll need to know which expansion and where and what platform you're on. Also, it's probably a good idea to let him know which expansions you have enabled and your level. If it's something I can fix, he'll tell me how. If he can fix it and has the time, I'm sure he will try. Thanks.

  • I wrote to Elendil, thanks!

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