Discounted possibility?

Is there a chance that the last two expansions will go on sale in the near future? Or is it something that might be later on towards the Christmas/New Year period at all?


  • More likely later in the year. I think Steam has its own thing about sales and controls things a bit. For the other platforms, it's more likely toward the end of the year. I leave this up to Redshift.

  • Not blocked/locked for me...
  • I don't block or lock threads. : ) Unless they're in poor taste.

  • Again, odd. It had to have been something on my side then. All I really wanted to say originally was thank you for the information. For what ever reason I wasn't able to comment on this post yesterday.

  • I have nothing against sales. They can be stimulating. But I don't want to get involved in the process. I have much too much to do. You have no idea how much work is involved in porting an expansion. And in making a new one. I'm in my comfort zone making the games. The business side is something I've tried to leave to other people. I can't usually but try when I can.

  • "Nods," Understand :smile:

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