Discounted possibility?
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My thread seamed to be closed or blocked as I could not respond to it at all. It's grayed out, whereas all the other topics are normal. Censorship? Lol, Anyhow, I was wanting to say it's good to know when there are possible discounts and but I was about to purchase the expansions even if they didn't go on sale. However, after discovering that my original post was censored or blocked out. I will reconsider my support.

I beg others not to reflect or agree with my personal grievances. This is a wonderful product with really great development in long term and in general about support.

I just simply asked about the possibility or perhaps when a discount would be available and got silenced which in my perspective, leads to me to my own personal choices.



  • Just posted a comment on your thread, so not locked for me...
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    I neither blocked nor locked your post. Maybe you inadvertently did something to it? After I answered your post, I totally forgot about it. I always leave the sale decisions up to Redshift as I just have too many other things to think about and do. They have a good handle on totals and trends therefore it's best for them to make those decisions.

    Please don't think I would silence you unless you posted something that violates general decency. That's my one rule.

    I've fortunately never had to exercise that rule. I do sometimes delete duplicate posts.

    Are you sure you were signed in when you looked at your post?

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