Help please with door or glitch?

I am new to the game and loving it. I have just completed the sunken monastery, getting the ritual book and everything. I got rid of all the force fields and opened everything, the mission is done. However, there is still a blue door that was originally behind spiderwebs Sort of in the Southwest. I got the keys from the statues and the walls and everything. I just can’t open it. Any suggestions? In the online walk-throughs, somebody said to open that door first. Can I no longer open it because I didn’t do it first?


  • If this is in the Base Game or Ice and Fire, you need to ask this question in Redshift's forum at

    This forum is only for our Zarista expansions. It's been ages since I played the base game or Ice and Fire. However, that said, if anyone can answer your question here, they are welcome to.

  • Thanks gotcha!

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