I just discovered "The Quest and Ice and Fire" expansions have been put on GOG (Good Old Games). :D


  • . . . and added to my collection.


    uhhh, Cat


    I'm almost afraid to ask, any thoughts/news on your expansions through gog? I already have everything on steam, was just curios if they were going to be hitting gog as well. I don't mind double dipping ;-)

  • Not sure. I don't know yet if it's possible. I will let you know. Have to talk it over with Elendil.

    I would not put up the old Classic PC versions there as they haven't been maintained in a long while. I'd almost have to do them all all over again. In my humble opinion, the HD versions are better and the graphics are better.

    Whether I could use the HD PC versions from Steam is a question I asked Elendil today.

    I don't know. Steam has its DRM and I don't know if it's built into the Steam editor. All the HD versions, even those ported to mobile were built with the Steam editor.

    So can't answer this right now.

  • No worries, i know you are busy as shi*zz :-D bringing us fun and history. It's why i was coughing during my ask. Love all of your titles and I'm ultimately in it to win it (fun) love your work and I have no words for your dedication. The announcement just caught me off guard.

  • BTW, been playing since PalmOS days :-)

  • Thank you for your loyalty! I'll let you know if and how we can handle this. Talking to Elendil. Should have an answer in a day or so.

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    We are going to pass on GOG until they get a workshop because otherwise it's too much work for me.

    However, Elendil said this:

    "The GOG version of the game can accept any PC expansion. The game will look for the following folder: "Documents/The Quest/expansions" (on both Windows and Mac). Any expansion paks put there will be picked up and will be playable.

    You can buy the Steam versions and put them there (Steam Workshop expansions are called "world.pak" but can be renamed to whatever is convenient)."

    I am not on GOG and cannot answer questions there. However, I am here and if you have a question about an expansion you try to use on GOG, I will try to help you. I don't have GOG though on my PC. I'd have to pass your question on to Elendil if it has to do with something outside my knowledge.

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    No worries :-) As I said, I have them all on steam already. I was going to buy them again on gog. I prefer gog versions, no client required. Keep those modules coming, I have 13 extra squares to fill. Thank you, again for all your dedication and hard work.

  • 'll fill those empty slots soon. : ) Thanks for understanding.

  • @unixtroglodyte said:
    BTW, been playing since PalmOS days :-)

    Would you like to test Horde I on Steam?

  • Just a note: I asked someone to test interplatform game save transfers. It appears that iPhone to Steam transfers work fine.

    However, Steam to iPhone transfers are not working, at least if you have Additional Worlds enabled on Steam. Can't speak for Android but I imagine it's the same.

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    The thing seems to be tied to either items or locations. I haven't tested it extensively, but using the GOG edition i disabled one of your expansions for testing, but it complained that I didn't have the expansion. The most efficient way I've found for money savers is to convert the android (good luck with iPhone) .obb files to .pak, which can be made trivial. You'd then just plop the .pak files in as you would things you created yourself. However, I don't want to go into too much detail, at this time, because i think I've found an exploit that allows for piracy if you do this. I'm going to try to get ahold of Elendil, and I'm going to see what the options are for actually going about this.

    To note, this exploit is a problem with the android edition, not the GOG edition. I can't confirm the exploit actually exists with 100%, however, since I've bought every single expansion on android.

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    Right now, I'd be happy if instead of buying our games, you would donate to hospitals and other health organizations that are trying to buy protective gear for their doctors and nurses and other staff. It's time to help where help is needed. That's the most heroic thing you can do right now.

    Thank you for protecting our games from piracy because I use my income to buy new graphics to make better games and I still have a $5000 vet bill to pay for a rescue cat.

    People who pirate our games will always do that and people who buy our games will always do that. But it helps me if there is less piracy because graphics are not cheap.

  • I'm looking into itch.io as a possible way of making the HD expansions available for GOG users. Looks promising but can't promise anything yet.

  • @Catacomber said:
    I'm looking into itch.io as a possible way of making the HD expansions available for GOG users. Looks promising but can't promise anything yet.

    Hope it works out.

    Itch is one of my favorite stores, have a decent chunk of PC games (though not as many as I do via GOG) and even more Android ones (but still nowhere near the number I lost when I told Google where to stick it and started running Android without any of their services. Heck, I even have some tabletop games in my Itch library :)

  • Have gotten distracted testing Asteroids I and putting in the graphics for Horde II. I opened an account at itch.io. I just have to go back there and see what I can do.

  • @Catacomber said:
    I opened an account at itch.io. I just have to go back there and see what I can do.

    Is this you I saw pop up?


    Following there woulld give me a notification if you posted, but I don't want to follow someone who is just using your name :)

  • That's me. I will get to trying to use itchio to upload the expansions as soon as I can. Trying to finish Asteroids I testing.
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