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    February 20
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    February 12
  • Hello, can someone please help me? I have a couple of things going on here. The first one is that when I'm in the Brass Horns ' Cave in Thor's Hammer, I talk to the dwarf and I pick a door and after that, I can't get into the other doors to find the statue that I need to smash with Thor's Hammer. The second one is that I think I used most of the flowers from the "Gather Flowers " quest, for potions and now there are no more flowers to pick. Are they sold in any of the shops? These are the ones I need for the "Dyes" quest. Please help. Thank you in advance!

    January 24
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    January 19
  • Where is Lord Stonely exactly? I got onto something after talking to the dwarf and now I can't find the dwarf or Lord Stonely. Please help ASAP.

    January 14
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    January 12
  • istara

    Quick favour - I've just updated my page on The Quest and have split the table into HD and original, can you check I've got everything? (The new HD ones at least).

    I'm anxious to avoid errors! Thanks so much and hope you're well!

    January 8
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