3 flasks bug


In the oasis of 3 wells you get a quest to fill it with earth blood from he'll pits. After you get the quest 3 empty flasks appears in your inventory. You need to tap a blood fountain in the start area of hell pits. If you don't have 3 empty flasks in your inventory you wouldn't get flasks with the blood.

But the thing is when you rest 1 empty flask get vanished from your inventory. You sleep again and another one vanish. Makes it impossible to finish the quest.

Lucky me I had slept only 1 time and after i realized the problem i found an inn in the same 3 wells oasis that was selling 1 empty flask.


  • The flasks shouldn't vanish when you rest. That sounds like a Quest engine glitch. I'm glad you found a place to buy them.

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