Grandidierite Gem

Dear Cat

We have found this gem on the last 2 times we played this game with no trouble.

However we have been walking around the Mt. Shinyal map square all afternoon and for some unaccountable reason can't find the gem.

Is it by any chance in the greyed out area inside the mountain and if so how do you enter it?

Any help would be appreciated because my wife and myself's memory is not up to the task of remembering how we found it the last 2 times.



  • It's lying on the ground in the mountain area of Mount Shinyal. Enter that area from the north. Go two steps south and one west. Find the first secret switch there. Use it. When you land, don't use the secret switch to your left. walk north, then one step east, turn around and use the switch there. That one will take you to where the Grandidierite is.

  • Thanks Cat that worked.


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