Cat won’t take A Rock

I’ve got the “A Rock” from the second level of MDC but Cat won’t take it. Is there a different one I’m supposed to pick up somewhere?


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    No. But she will never take it from you. Argimon should have stolen it. Try going back to the shelf where your got the rock and step in front of it, then step backwards with the A Rock in your inventory..

    It may be that you picked up the rock and then recalled out of there which would mean you wouldn't have gotten the dialogue with Argimon about the rock.

    Cat is not meant to have that rock.

  • That’s the weird thing. I did have the conversation with Argimon and thought it was odd that I still had the A Rock. I returned to the shelf and have tried leaving it, taking it, talking to Cat with it and without it. Seems like I’m stuck with it.

  • Do you remember what Argimon said? It's possible you left him without taking the conversation to the end.

  • I recall he said that he’d give the rock to Cat. I should probably save more often to different files.

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    Always keep one or two save files.

    If you go back to that spot now with the A Rock in your inventory, does anything happen if you step off the spot in front of that shelf. Does Argimon talk to you again about the little stone?

    If not, that looks like some sort of glitch which can happen on mobile. I don't see anything wrong with the coding.

  • I’ve tried several different combinations and can’t get him to come back.

  • Then there is nothing to be done without an earlier save file.

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