Wand of Stun

Hi everyone - so happy to be playing this new expansion. I am progressing well but the “Neautralise Moleheart” quest requires me to purchase a Stun Wand. I have saved 5 different games outside 5 different magic shops and been trying all of them over multiple tries but still nobody seems to be selling these wands. Do I keep trying or is there one particular shop?


  • You can actually get it for free by tapping one of the windows there at St. Hilda's. Try the southwestern one. : )

    If you need to buy it, Otto the Armorer sells it. It's a weapon--not sold in magic shops. Not that kind of wand.

  • Perfect- thank you 🐱 No wonder I never found it - if I kept trying magic shops then I would be there forever 👍

  • I found a stun wand in a barrel in Axe town!

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