Mithril Horde I - Garmoncheg's Guide to Investigate the Mysterious Happenings Quest

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You need to take this quest at the merchant's Thorin who sells alchemy ingredients. He is in the market (SW door). After you've got the quest head on to NE building with the door. Investigate a barrel there. A sea nymph will come out of it saying you need to turn back because she is undressed and needs to cover herself. After this you can find her inside this NE building.

She will tell you she is responsive for this disturbances in the floating market. But she made it due to her brother have been captured by a merchant in the bottle. You need to break into his house to get her brother and trouble stops.

Head on to Pontiakh - Inner city. Note there are 2 merchants here that sell scrolls and stuff like that. You need Western one. He resides in the building with 2 doors. you need western one. Enter it and it collect potions there on the shelves.

In the second (from entrance) hall with many shelves. Stand in front of the path into another part of the room and turn back. Tap the wall. Secret shelf with the chest should be reviled. Take it and head back to Sea Nymph. She will reward you for rescuing her brother. You also will be able to find him near her house. He will be selling you a gem for a discount price of 500 coins.

Head back to Thorin for the reward. You will get it after he will be certain disturbances finished.


  • Somehow I made the sea fairy disappointed and I can't complete her quest.

  • loyalty. Does she say when you talk to her? Did you rescue her brother?

  • I took the chest in this guide and then talked to her again. But she was kinda disappointed and I couldn't talk to her anymore. The door stuck.

  • That quest is a timed quest. You have 24 hours to do it. I don't see any reason why she wouldn't accept the chest unless the time was up.

  • Is there any way to remove/fail that quest? Unsolvable quest makes me anxious >.<

  • She should have failed it if you were too late. I can take a look at it again tomorrow.

  • I did an update so that Phredd in Flitzgrobber's Warehouse will fail that quest for you for no charge if you need it.

    I uploaded the update to Steam.

    But Elendil has to do the update to mobile. I sent him the files.

    I can't tell you when he can get to it so please be patient.

  • Thank you very much, Cat

  • I have the nymph's quest failed but now I don't know how to solve Thorin's

  • Can you live with that one?

    If you didn't do Fariah's quest in time, you can't solve Thorin's quest. And I don't put in fail quest code for every quest you can't complete because it makes the code too bulky. This is probably not going to be your last open quest.

    Also there might be other things affected by Thorin's quest and that could really mess other people up if I change something.

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