Escape from Asteroids - Garmoncheg's Guide to Finding Two Skulls and Lost Pages

There are 2 similar by idea quests in here.
One (Find two sculls) you can take from friendly (for now) Giant Vrauk at Sector 705. He tells he needs his 2 sculls missing from his decorative belt.

The sculls are in the grass and/or bushes withing this sector. If I'd tell you the exact location it wouldn't be a quest. No surprises however. One is near that building and another is somewhat in the south of the sector. To find them you need to step on those bushes/grass.

After finding them all head on to Giant. He will thank you for the quest. The reward is 5 Diamond gems. And if you will talk to him again he will decide that he needs your scull on his belt either. After killing him you will receive Giant horns, all those sculls from his belt and some gold coins.

Second (Find the lost pages) is taken at the Captain Wett's place in the house south of Nautilus Diving Station. Game says it's a timed quest. However I've forgot it is and when I've got back to it it was still active. Not sure that it is timed in fact though.

Head on to Old city and Juno water station. Guess what. You have to step on a grass and bushes to find those pages. They are somewhat south of Old city and in whole Juno water station. After Finding 6 of them return to Captain for the reward.

The reward is Underwater sword. But he had rethink his idea of making a diving competition between those 2 enemy sides.

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