Escape from Asteroids - Michele Laconto's Guide to Helping the Diver Freiheit

Michele\'s Guide to Helping the Diver Freiheit Get Over His Fear of Suffocation (Asteroids)

The hardest part of this quest is finding the potions.

This quest is given by Freckles.

You\'ll find freckles herb shop in the western part of the \'Juno Water Station\' area. Her first quest will be to \'Cure the Diver\'. The diver Frieheit is in the northeast of the \'Juno Water Station\' near the shore. Freckles will give you a book \"Cure Suffocation Fear\".

For this quest, you will need to buy or find a \'dispel\' potion, a potion of \'strong feather\' and a potion of \'fresh air\'.

There\'s a potion of \'fresh air\' on the ground in the \'Plains of Gold\' and two \'dispel\' potions in a vase outside the door of the \'Water Processing Plant\' in underground \'level one\'.

The book with the cure says that the potios need to be store bought and not homemade.

You can look in the potion shops in the different areas also.

After you have gathered the the potions, return to Freiheit. And give him each one.

Potion of \'dispel\'- \"You\'re not afraid\".
Potion of \'strong feather\'- \"You\'re not afraid\".
Potion of \'potion of \'fresh air\'.

The diver is cured! Now go back to Freckles for your reward!

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