Escape from Asteroids - Michele Laconto's Guide to Fixing the Air Pipes and Plastic Extrusion Machin

**Fixing the Plastics Extrusion Machine
The quest for the plastics machine is given by \'Roybo\' in the \'Plastics Extrusion Plant\' in underground \'level one\'.

The items to fix the \'Plastics Extrusion Macine\' will be around in \'Level One\' of the \'underground\' area.

The underground area is in a building in the \'Core City\'. You\'ll need to eliminate \'Hemma\'s Henchmen\', \'awakened ones\', \'Horde leaders\' and \'red molemen\'.

You\'ll need to find the key for the level one gate in the level below. Go down the stairs to level two. Find the orange vase and get the \'L1 key\' from it. Also, while we\'re here- tap the lantern on the wall to the right of the vase for the \'little gray key\'. The \'little gray key\' opens the blue door to the east. Inside this area you will find a \'key\'. Now, back up to level one.

At the top of the stairs, take a step south, face east, and tap the wall. There\'s a potion shop in this area and the \'L2 key\' on a shelf to the north. Go back to the level one gate and go through. The water processing plant is in this area. The gate to the east is the \'Storage Area\'. There is a pot with the \'Basic State of Machines\' book.

If you take the corridor next to the \'water processing plant\' that heads south, turn east and follow that corridor. You\'ll find the \'Medi-Droid Area\'. Before you go in, make sure you get the \'Lavatory key\' from the pot nearby. Find the \'lavatory\' and go in. Find the statue there and purchase the \'Basic State of Machines\' book for 75 gold if you didn\'t find the one in the \'Storage Area\'. You\'ll need this to repair the \'plastics extrusion machine\'.

Go back to the main corridor and head further south. The next side corridor you get to heads north. There\'s really nothing here.Heading east down the corridor and then south, there\'s a pot with \'super glue\'. At the end of this corridor, you\'ll find the \'Plastics Extrusion Plant\'. In the northwest corner of the plant, tap the lantern and you\'ll find a \'screwdriver\'.

Talk to \'Roybo\', he\'ll give you the quest to repair the plastics machine. You\'ll need a \'screwdriver\' and \'getdisplaystatemachine\' to repair it. The \'getdidsplaystatemachine\' will be on a doorway near the green cleansing pedestal. (in the area before you get to \'Medi-Droid Area\'. Go back and repair the plastics machine and talk to \'Roybo\' for your reward. Head back to the stairs and go down to level two.

Fixing the Air Pipes

You\'ll need \'super glue\' and a \'screwdriver\' to complete this quest. You can find them in the underground level two area and \'super glue\' is sold in the potion shops.

You receive the quest for fixing the air pipes from Kauffman in Bubble City.\'

Head back to the stairs and go down to level two. If you follow this corridor south to the end, you\'ll find the smelting facilities and Main air pipes here.

The first door you get to after going through the gate in level two is the \'Air Processing Plant\'. Go into this area. If you head south down the corridor to the end, you\'ll be in a small area with a green \'moleman\' named \'Vector\'. Face east and you\'ll see a white section of wall. Tap, tap until you find the small room with a pedestal. Tap this to find the \'Air Sector key\'.

Now go back to the area that you entered into the Air aprocessing Plant. If you head a little north and east, you\'ll find a potion shop. There\'s a \'screwdriver\' in a pot to the west of the potion shop door.

There\'s a \'blue key\' on the floor down the corridor south of the potion shop. Find the door to \'The Main Air Pipes\'. • Go straight to the north until you find the \'Inspector\'. Talk to her then go through the blur door to the east. Tap the stones in this order: southwest, northwest, southest, northeast. Go back to the corridor and head a short way to the south until you find the corridor to the east. Follow it until you find a gray barrier Hit it to to free the elemental sprite Phira. (make sure you have the quest from Mayor Jeb in Bubble City to free the sprites).

Go back to Kauffman in Bubble City for your reward.

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