Escape from Asteroids - Michele Laconto's Guide to Fixing Professor Lesco's Telescope

This is an easy quest

You will need to buy an item of \'Super Glue\' from the magic shop in \'Bubble City Backwater\' or from GoldenGhost in the \'Royal Sector\' of the \'Core City\' and you need to make sure that you have some type of \'laser sword\' to do this quest.

If you don\'t have a \'laser sword\' visit me in the \'Royal Sector\' I\'ll have one for you if you haven\'t already recieved it.

\'Super Glue\' can be found around in unusual places also.

Next, go to the Orion Observatory and talk to Professor Lesco behind the door on the left. When you choose the dialogue option to help him, he will send you inside the observatory.

When you get inside talk to Professor Lesco and he will give you instructions how to repair the telescope. You will find the \'Small Lens\' on a shelf in a chest and the \'Large Lens\' on the floor in a chest. You need to go over to the telescope and tap it to add each item.

Slide big lens into place.
Slide small lens into place.
Seal everything with superglue.
Hit it with a laser sword.

All repaired! Now, go back and talk to Professor Lesco for your reward!

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