Help with Help Raise the Dead

There is a quest in the quest list titled "Help Raise the Dead", given by Master Warlock in St. Sampson's Crypt. I have gone into all three underground areas of the crypt, but can't find Master Warlock. I have completed the entire main quest story line and received the end credits. There are only two quests on the quest list I have yet to complete. This one and "Deliver Bootleg Whiskey".


  • You get to him via the stairs in the east of St. Sampson's Fields. But the entrance to where he is is blocked by a wall. There's a secret switch there to remove that wall.

  • Is there any way to NOT fail this quest. I have the corpse, aqua vitae, and the shock staff. I don't know how to actually place the corpse in the coffin from my inventory, nor how to actually sprinkle the aqua vitae on the coffin. So, I just hit the coffin with the shock staff, with the other two items in my inventory, and it says I fail the quest and all the warlocks start attacking.

  • I read through the other posts for this expansion and got the answer. This quest can only be failed. I have completed the entire quest list. Thanks for another great expansion. Looking forward to Basilisk's Eye.

  • Working hard on Basilisk's. :smile:

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