begs for alms

I finished my main quest just left this one.. i already give it to amelya but when i talked back to lady alderley my quest didnt completed yet.. pls...


  • Did you talk to Liz?

  • Amelya said those alm fed many my thanks again, lyz said ask to beg to lady alderley, lady alderley said please sold the gem and give to amelya, makes me confuse...
  • Lady Amelia is just reminding you that you should sell the gems and give the money to Lady Emelia when you go back to talk to her.

    She gave you a Book of Proverbs to give to Liz and when you give that book to Liz, she solves the quest. The book can't be sold. Do you have it or did you stash it somewhere possibly?

  • OmG basic mistake.. put all things to your permanent shelf thnx cat.. celtic doom on going happy to find cats nail scisscors hit point 900 at beginning xixixi...
  • I'm glad you got through!

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