Three Crime Bosses

This is my final quest. Kratov is happy, since I placed his rocks in order. I think I killed the other two, but Drisdane will not clear the quest. Maybe I didn't find and kill one of them. Looking at another post, there is mention of Kozney's Trap and a shield needed to kill Fairy Godmother. I made it to Kozney's Inner Lair, but cannot find entrance to Kozney's Trap. Hopefully, this is enough information to set me on track to clear this final quest. Thanks.


  • The entrance to Kozney's Trap is in Kozney's Inner Lair. It's a dark hole in a dark wall in the northeast.

    The Fairy Godmother is in Fairycraft Hill in a building reached by a gate. Is she still there? Argimon there will give you the shield you need. My guess is you need to kill her.

    Strong Arm the Dwarf is in Pearl Shore. Is he still there?

  • Thank you. I hadn't talked to Strong Arm yet. The "Three Crime Bosses" book in the game confused me. It says Strong Arm is in Pearl Shore in the far mid to southeast, when he is actually in a building in the mid-north. I was walking all around the southeastern end of that territory looking for him. So he is healed and happy now. I must have killed the Fairy Godmother at some point, because Drisdane cleared the quest. Thanks to you and all who post responses on this forum.

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