If you have a minute, please let me know your level and which expansions you've played. We're having a big discussion testing Macha's about the target starting level. Some of the testers are level 30, some are level 40 and up. My thought was to start at level 35 or 40 because my guess was many of you are at least level 40.

Thanks very much!


  • I'm level 40 after Fire&Ice, Celtic Rift, HOLI, and HOLII.
  • 43 after all of the above

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    That's good. Right in line. Thanks to both of you.

  • 44 after all above

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    Thanks. I think we're going to start at level 40 but there will be a way to increase your level at the beginning if you're between 35 and 40. Of course, the standalone players won't have any problem, because the game is tweaked to make them level 40. : ) Testing is well underway. Hoping to finish before the end of January.

  • Great! Good luck to finish testing and release it soon.

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    Hopefully testing will be done before end of January. Everyone is working hard. It's going to be a hard expansion. Entry level 40 but if you're a bit lower, you'll be able to level up.

  • Hi Cat
    Level 41 after finishing all Quests HD
    Many thanks for keeping this great game alive !!


  • You're welcome. : ) Thanks for being a loyal Quester.

  • Hello Catacomber, and everyone. i am a new level 25 siery, but i love the idea of 40 and up sounds great! there are already a few expansions that lead up into the 20s and 30s so something more for the heavy weight heroes could be a big win! i look forward to training to be ready for this upcoming world!2

  • Macha's Curse should be good for heavy weight heroes. :)

  • Hey there, i am new in game. Play an etherim lvl 14 mage with block, light weapon and light armor. Hope it will work in late game. :smile:
  • Macha's Curse is for at least level 40 players. We're testing it so you have time to level up. Suggest you go through Ice and Fire, HOLI and HOLII and Celtic Rift. It will be there for you when you're strong enough.

    Someone told me Heavy Weapon is usually a good way to go.

  • okay maybe i start with a new hero and use heavy weapon, and heavy armor. But for this char i like to finish the main game :smile:
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    It's interesting to try different characters. I usually am a Nogur but enjoyed playing as a Rasvim. The game has a lot of interesting possibilities based on how you play. Someone once tried to play as a "Monk" character using only wooden weapons, no heavy armor and got pretty far.

  • i will look what in further game will come and bash all evil out of it
  • You are going to have a good time bashing in Macha's Curse I hope. : ) Lots of evil.

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