How can i open the gates on level 2 underground and draconite tower and whrsuperglue and screwdriver

i already have skill lockpick 210 and still can not open the door and also where i can get screwdriver and superglue


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    What color is the door? You need a key. Check for a key on Level One Underground if you can't get into Level Two at all. You;ll get a key to the gate on the left as you enter Level 2. Go through that gate to find the gate to open the other gate there. Which gate in Draconite Tower. Probably a key.

    You can get a Screwdriver from anyone who sells normal miscellaneous items. There's one if you tap a golden lamp on Level One, Underground.

    You should be able to find Super Glue on a big wall crack in Level Two, Underground. When you first enter Level Two and go through the door, there's a blue door that opens with a lever. Open that gate, walk north and then a little east, you'll see the crack.

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