Hero of Lukomorye III FAQ for Classic Version

PLEASE NOTE: This FAQ is for the classic version of Hero of Lukomorye III, not the HD version. While some things will hold true for the HD version, that version has changed so much, don't count on it.

Michele LaConto's Guide to the Castle of Oborot and Related Quests:
Castle of Oborot - Find Cat, Kozney\'s Mage, Brund and Cat\'s friends that need to be free.
Castle of Oborot- Speak with Captain Koshkassy at Fort Pokoygrad he will take you there
To get inside you will need a high stealth and you will need to eliminate all of the \'shocker crocs\'.

switches, buttons, etc. and where the activate
Go inside and head up the stairs, you will be greeted by \'Lady deathkiss\'. The first room that you enter will have a fountain with poison. Directly across from it to the west there\'s a pillar- hit it with your weapon. Then, tap the pink wall behind it. Step forward. Turn and tap the two sections of pink wall to the north. There\'s a small button on the wall. When you push it it will tell you that you\'ve found two goose egg rubies.
If you head south- you will find a wall with a red, green and yellow section and switches. Flip all of the switches. Go towards the west and you will see a sign on the wall to the north that says, \"Cat lives here\". Turn and head south. If you are wearing your Duke of GP jumping boots, you\'ll be able to jump up on the ledge. This is where you\'ll find Cat behind a bone gate. If you choose not to jump up, head around the corner to the east. There will be a hole with a ladder inside. (You may want to \'mark\' before you go down.) This is where \'Cat\'s Key\' is found also, flip the switch on the wall down there. If you \'marked\' and \'recalled\' you can go back up on the ledge. Give her the \'catnip\' and she will give you a quest to free her two friends and to kill Brund.
If you go up the ladder from the area where you found \'Cat\'s Key\', you will find yourself on a ledge and \'Old Bones\' will be to the west. He will give you a bone baton and you need to \'bing\', \'bang\', \'bong\'. Face the west wall with the skeleton on the floor in front of you. Hit that one first, then Old Bones and then hit the pile of skulls.

Holes and forcefields will disappear and walls will crumble!

There's a pink wall to the east-tap it and another 'hole will disappear'. If you stand and face north and south towards the middle of the room you will see small buttons on the middle wall. You need to use a ranged weapon on these. Head north out of the room. If you go to the east you will find a mirror that will restore hp and xp. If you go to the west and north, there\'s a place on the floor that will send you to the room where Cat\'s friends Tom and Ashka are. Find the small button on the wall across from Ashka's room- hit it with your weapon. Go up the ladder.
Go north from this point then east towards the red pedestal.(don\'t go to the room to the northeast yet) Turn and go south. You will be basically where we started. Let's head north through the door here. If you go up the stairs to your left, you will need to use a ranged weapon on the wall to the west to hit a button there. Tap the pillars to the east- one should disappear. Keep heading east and use your ranged weapon on the button on that wall. Go to the northeast room.

In this room you need to follow the southwest wall around and hit the button on the wall to the east. Follow the wall to the pile of gold coins, then turn around and follow it back to the entrance. (If you cross the room you will end up in the area with Tom and Ashka again.)
Head back to the area where the three colored walls are and the hall that we found \'Cat\'s Key\'. The hole in the floor will be closed now. Walk to the east then turn south and tap the pink section of wall to reveal a button. Hit it with your weapon. Head north then to the east to the door there. The key for this door is in the area where \'Old Bones\' is (\'odd key\') (it\'s around the corner to the southeast where a forcefield was). You can lockpick this door if you need to!
The next door, you need \'gunpowder\' to blow it open. This is where Brund and Kozney\'s Mage are. You can get to Tom and Ashka from this room also.
If you go back to the stairs, the one to the right, at the top you will find a pink wall to the east- tap it. There\'s gunpowder there. If you follow it around, you will find another pink wall-tap it. There\'s a hole in the floor here. tap the wall next to it
to open a way around the hole.
You can find catnip lying on the ground in the Dark Monastery--outside the monastery. : )

Vampire Smurfs Guide to Four Quests:
Bring a Golden Tiger fur -- Purge The poachers
-- Find the Dragoness -- Find Zmeyanas baby!

These four quests are very linked very closely and will be very easy to
complete all at once ! These are excelente quests to start out with if you are
new to HOLIII !

Items you will need: The Duke of GPs jumping boots.
If you do not have them you will find them by going down the stairwell in
Hibarki village and talking tap the door there, talk to the Duke Of GP you will
receive his Jumping boots ~ GJ you have what you need !

How to start:
Talk to Mehta in Hibarki village, he is directly north of the blacksmith in
Hibarki village. Mehta's quest: Bring a golden tiger fur
To get to the Emerald forest talk to Ohrana the Chief witch in Green Witch
Ask her about "Any Trouble" "About that Picture", you will be given two more

Pure the poachers -- Find the Dragoness

Where to begin all three quests the: Emerald Forest
Where to solve all three quests the: Emerald Forest

How to get to the Emerald forest: Talk to Ohrana in Green Witch village, ask
about "The Emerald Forest", you will automatically be transported there.

How to solve the Purge the poachers quest:
In the Emerald forest explore/kill until there are no poachers a left in the
Next North-East of where you entered there a is a building find it and kill
everything inside. From the door go South - 2 East - 1 South - 1 East - 2 face
north and tap the wall, 1 of 2 hidden poachers down. From the doorway if you
face south there is a tunnel in the far wall, enter the tunnel (You will enter
The Tiger Cliffs). To find the next hidden poacher walk North - 2 West - 2 face
South and tap the wall, Tada! Another poacher down!
You can either go back to Ohrana now and claim your reward or stay and complete
the other quests, it wont take a second.

Bring a golden tiger fur: From the tunnel to the Tiger Cliffs walk North - 2
West - 2 North - 3 East - 1. You need to be wearing the duke of GPs jumping
It will ask if you want to jump up say "yes" ! Inside you will find the Golden
Tiger, kill it. Walla !! you now have a Golden Tiger fur
You can either go back to Mehta now and claim your reward or stay and complete
the other quests, it wont take a second.

Find the Dragoness:
From the hollow tree walk North - 7 East - 4 face South and tap the bush
infront of you. Walk south until you see a tunnel, enter the tunnel. Inside you
will find Dragoness Zmenyana talk to her, she will give you a quest "Find
Zmeyanas baby!".
How to find the baby: Go back to the tiger cliffs (Where you found the last
poacher/golden tiger) walk around until you see him (this shouldnt be hard the
cliffs are a small area). Talk to him, then go back to the dragoness.
Quest complete !!

For some Jewels/Money east of the Dragoness Zmyana there is a barrel and inside
you will find 20k + Jewels. Happy questing.

Complete all the quests if you have not already done that.
Talk to Mehta in Hibarki village directly north of the blacksmith to complete
the bring a golden tiger fur quest !
Talk to Ohrana in green witch village to complete the Purge the poachers / Find
the dragoness !

Happy questing, hope this helped.

Paakalito's Addendum to that help-
"Find the Dragoness:
From the hollow tree walk North - 7 East - 4 face South and tap the bush
infront of you. Walk south until you see a tunnel, enter the tunnel."

I'm not sure if it's just an update or what, but I'm playing version 18.8 (Gold) and what I had to do was go N - 7, E - 3, tap the bush, turn south and walk forward to the tunnel. For anyone who has trouble here, this might help!

Tiktax346's Guide to how to get to Miller Village:
to get into Miller Village

You get into miller village through a couple quests. First you collect death's mantra for one of the characters on the floating university. There, you also get the quests to kill lady deathkiss and find Cat, and kill Kozney's Mage. You need the spell of puppy love to kill lady deathkiss. once you go through the castle, you will get a quest from cat to help her friends. Do this, it gives you +20 Int. But, on your way to cat's friends, you find Kozney's mage. He put up the barrier around miller village. You need super Mantra to kill him. once you kill him, you can go to miller village!
If you can kill Kozney's Mage in Castle Oborot, you can get to Miller Village. You need gunpowder and tinder to blast your way into his lair. Super Mantra is an ingredient and you get it from Ghosthunter, Below Deck, Floating University!

Of course, she'll ask you to do a small quest first. : )
Jethro's Guide to Surviving HOLIII-
A HOLIII Survival Guide
Written by Jethro

Some Tips For Surviving Hero Of Lukomorye III
Getting kicked around by a poison mandrake? Do you run screaming when you see a Lifesucker? Here are some tips for survival:

  1. Get all the gear offered by shopkeepers in Hibarki Village and then Enchant, Enchant, Enchant. Excellent weapons include: Child of Light, Claw of the Sphinx, Fairy Wand. Go heavy on your weapon skill of choice (light, heavy, or accuracy), followed by your armor skill of choice.

  2. Don't overlook Dual Wield (really!). Unless you have chosen to use a bow, a good strategy is to equip a shield until you are adjacent to the monster, then switch to using 2 weapons.

  3. Make your way to the Floating University to get some more gear to enchant, and you should be all set (Except for those Lifesuckers. Yikes!).

  4. Start looking for the Beer Fairy - teaching on a ship is thirsty work!

Garlic lies on the ground in the mideast of Fairycraft Hill. If you sleep in an inn seven days it will respawn.
Dram Castle 3rd Floor Green Barrier:
Try tapping the wall of force three times.
Downunder Ale:
You have to get three ingredients (from the recipe):
1 alcoholic
1 fortify mana
1 fortify intelligence

Your mortar should help you identify whether you have the ingredients.

Fe. catnip yum yum has an alcoholic effect
Mistletoe fortifies mana
Thyme fortifies intelligence
To Find Kozney's Death--You have to explore the Inner Tunnel---close a hole there and explore a big grassy plant. : ) There's a switch in the north of Kozney's Trap. : )
Key in candle.
Power Flowers-
I have found one of the two power flowers GoldenGhost at Floating University asks for. I do not remember where I found the first one and am having trouble locating the second power flower. Other is in dangerous garden.
Harp for Fluffy—Greenwich Village—walk on the grass.
You can find poppyseeds on a red bush in FairyCraft Hill and Dream Grass lying on the ground by the moaning hollow tree in Fairycraft Hill.
Neither Dreamgrass nor Catnip can be sold or used so you can't have done those.

You can only get to the DreamGrass by looking around the Hollow Tree area -- STAYING ON THE PATH in Fairy Craft Hill. If you lost the stuff and sleep in an inn 7 days it will respawn.

You can find catnip lying on the ground in the Dark Monastery--outside the monastery. : )
Weather Island Tree Spirit-It's a hollow tree just about dead center in the island.
Boris is in the City of Heroes. Have you gone down the hole on Pogan Island yet? That's the path to Kozney's Trap.
For Old Gulnara you need something to pull her tooth--forceps. Knock on doors. And you need the Apprentice Healing ability--knock on doors. : )
Lardhead is in the Casino.
How do I get to the pentagram near the crypt to visit Lord No Body? I've tapped and hit every tree and bush around it but nothing happens...
When you get the quest to find Alice from Old Shaman, he tells you about Lord Nobody and sets him visible. : )

"The City of Heroes is usually unreachable, but how could I forget that there's a spirit called Lord No Body who is a good friend of Lady Pobeda, the ruler of that city. That's how I was able to visit it. I was sent as a messenger from Lord No Body.

You could see if he needs a messenger. There is a pentagram behind some bushes in Sleepy Bay, near the crypt that goes to the City of Heroes. Ask Lord No Body how to get to it. You can often find him walking on the shore, especially in the early morning, dreaming of his lady."

Lord Nobody is in Sleepy Bay--before you can get to that teleporter you have to do his first quest and get his second. :

Maybe you need to go back and talk to Old Shaman again or find Lord Nobody in Sleepy Bay---north part. :
Pogan island Pirate Disquise-
You need the cloak and pirate dirk and then Mihail of Barbary will set the hole you need to climb down visible. :
Killing Ents in forest:
Go the center of the great old forest to fight them. They are weaker when you fight them in the middle. They are invulnerable to attacks at that map square boundary. If you head to the right of the entrance you can tap/hit a couple bushes to get into the area by a side way. Then you can get the away from the entrance so you can kill them,
To enter the castle on Queen of Kradotin's island, you need Broono's ring,
You need to speak to Broono. He's in one of the houses either in main city east street, or middle street, can't remember which.
Re quiet island, as I recall, the only way there is to speak to Mac. Mac is, I think, hanging out on weather island
Mac the Sailor can take you to Quieou need Aslmentor's Shield from Aslmentor in the Floating University and a Pirate's Dirk which you were given along with the quest to kill Prince Dragokahn.
t Island--he'll talk to you about Travel if your persuad is 100 or greater. He's in the upper northeast of Weather Island.
To get Spirit of War to move-You need Mind Magic of at least 100 and the Wand of Unmisery.
Hemlock: There is one lying a bit to the west of the the "Dark Monastery".
To kill Kozney's Mage: ou need the Super Mantra which is an ingredient---there's a post about it here somewhere---you get it by doing a quest for Ghosthunter, Below Deck in the Floating University. : ) Go talk to Ghosthunter if you have Demonstar's quest to kill Kozney's Mage.

Strong Arm theDwarf: You need to be a Healer Adept---go workout with Cfsdoc.
To get to the Dangerous Garden- You get there from a hollow tree in Great Old Forest.
Once you can get to Fort Pokygrad Island, you can walk across a bridge to Good Luck Island. If I remember correctly you can't get to Venets Island until HOLIV. There's nothing there until then.
Secret squares in casino:
Top row----492
Middle row---357
Bottom row---816

Then tap the secret switch by the door once the candles are all lit there.


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