Help. Forgot to pick up the Horolek

Made a mistake while fighting Glom the Destroyer in Zlatograd. I forgot to pick up the Horolek. I didn't even know about its existence at that time.
Since then I've solved lots of Quests, including the whole main storyline of Thor's Hammer.
I went back to Zlatograd after finding out about it but couldn't find the Horolek anywhere. Does that mean it's lost forever? Is there any way to get it?


  • Do you have an old save file?

  • Yes but unfortunately it's too old. I would have to go and redo a good chunk of the game. Well I guess it's better to just continue without the Horalek then. I was hoping it would respawn like the casteks.

  • No, because it was dropped. It's not something I want to give Phredd to sell because that kind of spoils things. However, if you are desperate, let me know. I could do that. Price 2 mil. : )

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