Golden chests

Anybody have any hints on where to get golden chests opened?
I can see a locksmith in Pokoygrad Center, but I don’t know how to get there - and I have no open quests.



  • You want Pronyra in Fairycraft Hill. You do get there from Pokygrad Center. You need to tap the barrel in the east of Pokygrad Center with a Lucky Gem in your backpack.

  • If you want to know where to get the Lucky Gem, Pronyra has another shop in Pokygrad Center.

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    Love the game
    I have the classic version
    Couldn’t find pronyra anywhere in fairycraft hill
    Could you assist ?
  • Ok so I have opened the hol3 directly and I have found pronyra but I am getting a blank wall when I go there in the extension enabled the quest gold app so I guess it a bug?
  • Pronyra has a shop in Pokygrad Center and he gives you a Lucky Gem.

    But he also has a shop in Fairycraft Hill.

    But the way to get into the area where he is there is from Pokygrad Center.

    If you are in Pokygrad Center, find the sign that says "Potekha Street" and walk east until you reach a wall. To the right of the wall is a barrel. You need a Lucky Gem in your backpack.

    You have to drop that gem into the barrel for the wall to its left to open.

    It's called an item change. You have to have your inventory open and hit the arrow that allows you to drop something. So tap the barrel, with inventory open, then drop the gem in the barrel. There is no bug there as far as I can see.

  • Thanks cat
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