Macha's Curse Quest List


  • 55 quests...? Wow! Fantastic!

  • Also a bounty for wolves and a bounty for bandits. The place is crawling with both. :) Crafting and trading.

  • Although I've crawled through the world and done all the quests there are undoubtedly still some elusive bugs for the Bug Miners. : ) Just please don't title your message 'Possible bug' -- please just title it 'Trouble with---- or something like that. There are a lot of places you might find it difficult to figure out where something is and I tried to leave some hints. But unless I really fell down on the job, I did do all the quests. : )

    Hint--my favorite color is blue. : )

  • Cannot wait any more Cat...stop teasing us and releeeeease..:-)

  • The process is -- I upload it to Steam but not in a way that shows up and send the file to Elendil to make it mobile and send to Apple and the Google Play Store. Once it's approved by Apple and Google, I push a button to make it visible in Steam. This way it's released on all platforms at the same time.

    I told the betatesters I'd upload it to Steam Friday but if I get no comments by tomorrow night, might upload it then.

    The approval process takes a few days, so hopefully by the middle or end of next week.

    Btw, I was level 40 when I started and am level 46 now. Ready to start on porting HOL III, which will probably start at level 45.

  • Great, thank you for sharing details, wish you smooth finishing of this port and I will download immediately. By the way can you whisper about approximate date of porting HOL III on android?

  • I've started. I need to work on the graphics, add new material and it needs to be tested, so I'd say at least two months.

  • Great. That will be a perfect gaming continuation after finishing Macha.

  • The Asteroids series might start with a low level but everything else will just continue.

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