There may be a glitch in the Bracken Spectre part of the game ? I think I found his coffin but?

Hi I have been in the dun of the dead killed monsters and knocked down secret walls and pushed button to open a door that couldn’t be opened used the rod of awakening in the day as I was told first and he did not appear. How do I find him ? When I went back to Detina what she said was very confusing as to when to hit his coffin with the rod day or night help what am I doing wrong?Trying to find and kill the Bracken Spectre who haunts the Dun of the dead .?..??


  • Hit his coffen with the Rod of Awakening at night. That's the only time he comes out.

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    Hi Cat :) Long time lurker, and reader of all of the highly valuable info provided here - - thank you! - -, first time poster. Just finished Macha's and have to commend you on your expansions. They really are extraordinary. I'll be truly saddened when I complete them all. But to my reason for posting: finally found a way to actually be of help. I think people may be getting confused with this quest because the dialouge, at one point, says that the Rod of Awakening must be used at night, yet elsewhere, it states that it must be used only during the day. I may have a screenshot of both statements on the same screen. Not sure, but will check if that would be helpful (I often screenshot quest info dialouges in case I need the more detailed information later :))
    Thank you again for the incredible game!

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    You need to hit the Brocken Spirit's coffin with the Rod of Awakening at night. If it says somewhere during the day, please point me in that direction. Thanks. I think the confusion might be that the fairy Detina says it's only safe to approach his coffin during the day which is true. He only can be made to appear at night.

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