Minor things and typos

Just of out spirit of service, and only if helpful to you Cat, I'm going to be reporting here all the minor things (typos, harmless glitches etc.) when I encounter any:

  • Hall of Air Magic: The sign near the Weather Spirit says Darkstare, but Darkstare is someplace else and does have a separate Darkstare sign.

  • Hall of Air Magic: Unless this is on purpose, I've collected 39 grey feathers when the quest log only warns of 38.


  • Thanks. The excess feathers are on purpose. I often now put more items than necessary because people on mobile sometimes have a hard time finding things. The sign is minor but will remove it as I have to do an update to remove the armorer's sign on the second floor and replace it with a blacksmith's sign. The armorer's sign is no more.

    • "Time Specre" instead of "SpecTre" appears in the tag under, well, Time Spectres.

    • Also, this really cool glitch happened. It was at the end of the Cure the Hogs (or similarly named) sidequest. This happened on my iPhone and was solved just by closing and restarting the game app (and no data lost in the process) :

  • Happened also me on Android on exactly same place. No problems though.

  • The typo will be fixed next update. I really appreciate reporting typos. Thanks.

    That glitch is a mobile glitch. It doesn't happen on Steam. Everything looks ok in the editor as well. For Elendil to track that down, I'd need a save file at that point. It might not be possible for him if it's an elusive graphical bug.

    I think I should change what happens there to something that won't cause that even though it seems benign.

    • Only with this expansion I have noticed that the background music, whether battle or regular, often goes off after some types of events (typically messages popping on top of the screen). I solve this by accessing the general menu and returning to the game, which seems to reset the music.

    • [SPOILER] I'm not sure if this was intended, but at the end only Mymbyr disappears, not Malin, from their joint final location.

  • For the music, you'd have to write elendil@redshift.hu.

    Mymbyr came from the wolves. He still has wolf blood. In the dialogue, it mentions you notice how hairy his hands look-----so, Mymbyr is not as stay at home as Malin who's quite happy to be in the care of the Enclave Wizards. Perhaps in Celtic Doom, you'll learn more.

  • In Celtic Queen, there's an unlimited (well, thus far) Silver deposit in the mines. Marked here and at the Forge of the Gods to produce silver swords (~27K/sword).
    Tried it for about 15 minutes then reset to an earlier game - it's a huge amount of money to make in one spot.

  • edited December 2018

    There's a limit in the script but there is a way around the limit and that was intentional.

  • @Catacomber said:
    There's a limit in the script but there is a way around the limit and that was intentional.

    Apologies, Catacomber! Thank you again for the wonderful game.

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