Hero of Lukomorye III HD - Released for Ios, Google Play Store and Steam

Hopefully end of June for Steam, Ios and Android. Lots of things to do.


  • Great!

  • Any update? Still coming the end of June?
  • Elendil said he will try to work on it this weekend. :smile:

  • goody! cant wait :D

  • @Catacomber said:
    Elendil said he will try to work on it this weekend. :smile:

    I hope that it was very productive weekend and Google Play send me notification very soon... B)

  • I haven't heard anything and don't want to pressure Elendil. I'll keep you posted.

  • Awaiting approval. :)

  • Commoooooon.... :D

  • Its Out! :D get it whilst its hot!!! :)

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    Wont let me play it from within the quest, need version 9.0 or newer....the quest is version 8.0.1... grrrrr lol damn was looking forward to diving in!

  • Just hang on. Some kind of Google Play Store glitch. Elendil's on it. iOS hasn't been approved yet.

  • Yyaaahhhh updates to the quest on play store, version 9 here we come, and updates to hol2
  • It’s awaiting iOS approval now?? Best news today. Thank you so much for the work you all do on this series, it’s the best game out there with the best community. Excited to start playing!
  • Any word on iOS approval?
  • Apple always takes longer.

  • It’s out on iOS!!!
  • Dear Cat, Redshift and all people involved in creating this amazing expansion. Just finished all quests (after base game, Islands, Hero I and II, Celtic Rift, Celtic Queen, Thor´s Hammer and Macha Course) and truly enjoyed whole story with game play. Fantastic job and looking forward to Castle! Thank you and you have my support!

  • Thank you for your support! Meow!

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