Hi all
Cant solve this quest : Mage undead line always says
I dont know anything ....
some help ? Thanks


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    What's the description of the quest, Ive just checked my completed quest cant find the one you mentioned, can find one for hol2....

  • sorry the quest title is 'Mount Rushmore More blueprints
    'for furious fastand kratkosrocks find the three pieces of his missing blueprints . you might ask mage undead line in cay of decay what happened to them

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    Where mage undead line is, there are three rooms, next to him, the blueprints are in there,one in each room but you need three keys to gain entrance to the three rooms. I can't remember 100% but I think you get a key each from killing some undead or souls near where kratkosrocks is

    When you talk to him he doesn't acknowledge anything, just take the blueprints from the rooms

  • got them! thanks ! when i killed the spirits i did not check what they dropped !

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