Kozney lives in the Great Old Forest?

So I'm in Great Old Forest (just west of Hibarki Village) and I came across a small hut out in the open all by itself. Turns out Kozney the Deathless is inside!

He just yawns or tells me to leave. Is this kind of an Easter Egg?

I'm kind of off the map here so I'm not sure anyone was ever really supposed to get there (given I can walk forever across the ocean here).


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    Got a screenshot? I couldn't get there, made it right to the bottom of the map all the way to the left just as you get to the great forest but cant go further. In hibarki village, extremely south west, there a tree that you can walk through into great forest but no further even though on the map there is nothing showing Infront of you, seems like a a invisible tree

  • You have to go to Beautiful Forest then sneak past the pirate ship down there. It takes you 'off grid'. I assumed we were never supposed to get past there, but then I found Kozney's hut so now not so sure....

  • Actually, I see now that @TioGil also found this 'bypass' into the wilderness in the "Improving the game" thread. You can see that thread for a screenshot of where to break out.

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    Found him, forget hol4 or 5, let's kick his backside whilst he's in his hut lol, Also tried getting to Venet's island, can't get there via the sea 😏

  • Aargh I can’t get there. What does he say??
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    When I try talking to him all he says is y..a...w..n...

    I think it would have been really funny if he had some witty or cheesy quips/oneliners but then that may distract from the mood of the game :)

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    That hole will be fixed in the next update. :). You're not supposed to get there. It's the way the editor works when you set up an npc to talk to via script. You need a door that no one can get to. Enjoy him while you can. :). You shouldn't be able to get to Venets Island until HOLIV.

  • Is HOLIV in the works? Or is it over the horizon still?

  • cat, what do you recommend playing during the wait for hol4, my nogur is level 48

  • Imran, you should be able to play Macha's Curse.

    PinGeek, first Caerworn Castle, Wales, about 1700, high level, then HOLIV. It takes more time to do a port because I have to redo the graphics and we like to add new material.

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