Sea glass, moon crystals, and papers.

I'm stuck trying to find these items. Any hints?


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    Moon crystals can be bought from Kuai, who is in Kratkosroks, north of Hibarkit village, but you need to sleep and revisit him ALOT, you can try Pokoygrad Center, where Pronyra is, in the hidden street, the sphere outside his shop gives you 5 crystals for free I believe and you dont need to sleep/revisit it.

    Papers I assume you mean the papers for Kuzkas mother? Check the port in Pokoygrad, especially the boats....

    Sea glass, IIRC is on the edge of the island where you get the quest to find sea glass...

  • Hidden street? How do you get to that?
  • You should have a lucky gem in your inventory, place it in the barrel and voila hidden street is not hidden the hidden street is not in the middle section of the city...

  • I’ve searched the entire island for the sea glass and still can’t find it. Any other clues??

  • Walk around the edge here. : )

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