Unable to a return to Pirate Queen’s Island

Hi, can I first say what a great expansion Masha’s Curse has been. In fact the whole game is great.

I have completed the main quest line and only have the two quests associated with the Pirate Queen to complete, “Sharpen a Sword” and “Rescue the Pirate Queen”. I’ve gone back to the sunken ship in the Reefs but whichever angle I try to board it, nothing happens. I’m wearing the Dive Suit but that doesn’t seem to make a difference. Am I missing something or trying to get back to the island from the wrong place. Any help will be appreciated 🙂


  • The boat back is in the far southeast of the Reefs that you get to from Kilfe's Bay. It will always take you back to Pirate Island. You might be in the wrong spot. You could be at one of the ships that you looted.

  • Thanks for the response Cat 👍🏻

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