kozney death trap

The only trap i've found is in Fairy Godmother area. When Kozney gives you his shield to help kill FGm. From all my studies the trap is under Poggy Island. The only hole to fall in there is at the 1000 ft fall. Icve found no switch where you land or before you fall.


  • Yes, it's under Pogan Island. There's a hole which becomes visible after you talk to Alice in the City of Heroes.

    You get to Kozney's Trap from Kozney's Inner Lair. You get to Kozney's Inner Lair from Kozney's Lair. You get to Kozney's Lair from the Maniacal Mirror Room. You get to the Maniacal Mirror Room from the hole on Pogan Island, Midwest.

  • So I can't get it tell the crypt is done. I understand that I have to get Alice done before the hole will appear. Greatly appreciated.

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