Vasilisa’s castle

How can I get through the force field at Vasilisa castle? I have already been to the Bogatyr castle and have the never ending mana charger.


  • Wal; around at night in the northwest of Ezersk North End until you see a lady. She'll help you. She only appears at night. She's in a little alcove in the northwest.

  • Which alcove? I walked around Ezersk - North End all night (10:00 PM to 6:00 AM) and never saw the lady. I have the Mana Charger from Strah Mountains and already talked to Silvergirl.

  • This alcove---

  • I must be missing a step. I have the Everlasting Mana Charger. I talked to Mr. Tannik, and he says talk to Silvergirl. I talk to Silvergirl, and she says to deliver the Mana Charger to Princess Vasilisa. When I go to the alcove you circled at night, no one is there. I walk around, back and forth, and the lady never appears.

  • Found her. I had to talk to someone in Ezersk Underground first.

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