where might one find some?


  • Mother Nesta sells it.

  • thank you. One other question. I am trying to solve the "Rescue a witch" quest and am unable to locate the figurine. I have tapped every wall and hit every wall to no avail. I am currently standing next to a green wall adjacent to the "Be mindful" sign. I have tried every spell in my arsenal and every weapon, but nothing seems to work. Any hint would be appreciated.

  • Try Detect Mind. Explore a pile of skulls.

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    Is mother Nesta in one of the villages...

    Managed to get some from suki
  • Mother Nesta's in Crymlyn Village.

  • I visited mother nesta but she doesnt have any spinach.

  • Try to sleep few times in front of her shop.

  • The Trader over at Golden Grove can sell us an endless amount of Spinach for 10 Gold each. 😉

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