Tower of dark demons

One door left I can’t get through..
Tried bashing the lever but it won’t move :(


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    Aaaaaaand in the true style of Lukos Law... found the breakable wall 😹 still seem to be wandering around aimlessly tho... found a statue that smiles at me and that’s it..

  • Use the teleporters, including going back into the one you just came out of. You will get to a golden statue that will give you a quest.

  • Thanks Dave :)

  • There are 2 doors I can‘t open - one left to the switch, one in another part, the claims I need an amulet of protection. Please help!

  • Forget it - I found it :D

  • Dumb question, as I don't have the amulet of protection nor find the key that lead to the raven bush, how do I leave the tower ? Thanks

  • Can you get back to the teleporter in the southwest where you first came in?

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    When I use it, it send me back in front of the door that need the amulet... So I use recall to leave the tower. Anyway I almost finish this expansion, 2 remaining... I imagine there is no way to play pc home made adventure on the android version ? A lord of the rings adventure maybe ? Or a time travel adventure where the hero cross a huge dead city before being back at a time where the city was alive to discover he was the man who bring death to it...

  • The way things work re mobile is that Elendil of Redshift would have to be interested in selling the expansion, in which case you would make it in Steam on PC and send him the finished file. He then does things to it to upload it to Android and Ios and gives you a share of the receipts whenever Android or Ios pays them.

    Otherwise, you can just make the expansion in Steam for other players to use and upload it there as a free version.

  • thanks, is there a specific place to got some tutorial about the quest editor ? Or do you have some kind of empty files with some examples of the mechanics ?

  • Yes.

    Editor tutorials, with example worlds:

    There is actually a specific tutorial world called "Vacation" as well as the core games main data world file. They are labeled "Tutorial world file" which is the data for the tutorial (world named "Vacation") and "The Quest world file" which is actually the full data for the world pack that comes with the main game (but not its expansion).

    Redshift Forums (the creator of the actual main game) there are development sub categories here

  • If there is enough interest, I could make a thread for the editor here or you could start a discussion in General. All I ask is that if you ask questions here, you have taken the time to read all the editor documentation and tried some things on your own.

    One warning from Elendil: Do not make high, high level expansions because it appears that the engine has reached some kind of capacity. I asked him what level was safe to use and he said HOLV was already a bit high. He said, "I'd recommend that no future expansion reach the numbers in HOLV."

  • Thanks to booth of you

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