Amulet of protection

Where is the amulet of protection?


  • Sheets gives it to you but you can also buy it from Phredd.

  • Where is sheet? Or phredd
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    Sheets is in the library of Caerworn Castle--the ghost Sheets.

    Phredd is in the Ghostworld in Caerworn Castle.

  • How do you get past the pilars to go to the northern part of the ghost world? Thatswhere phredd is right? Thanks!
  • Yes, Phredd is in the Ghostworld. You can't get past the pillars. You need to take another entrance that will get you to the other side of those pillars. Go up the western stairs. There will be a hole. You'll find the switch to close that hole if you go up the eastern stairs. Once you've closed the hole, continue up the stairs to find Phredd on your left.

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