Finished! But one quest still open

Thank you for yet another great adventure!
The graphics are beautiful. I have one quest that is still open though, its lady Emelia’s quest «translate the folio». I have the translated folio in my inventory but lady Emelia seems to have lost interest, she only thanks me for restoring the house :-/ Any suggestions how to solve this?


  • When you bring her the Translated Folio she thanks you and gives you a drink of Joggy Nog to give to Sheets. You can't really get to restoring the Castle without having done that so I don't know what happened that you didn't get this quest cleared. It's coded correctly. I think somsetimes on mobile there's a lag and if you tap too quickly in the dialogue, things don't register completely. The only other thing I can think is that you bought things from Phredd before you had a chance to go through all the dialogues.

  • All possible. I accidentally sold my King Uthers sword and had to buy a new one from Phredd but that was much later. Well i guess its just one of those things that happen. Thanks for the answer!
  • If I have to do an update for any other reason, I'll put a way with Phredd for you to solve that quest but can't ask Elendil to go through all that work unless I have some more serious issues.

  • Cool, thanks🙂
  • I had similar problem, only with “find stone folio” quest.
    Turned out, I had to talk to that weird owl in the Dreamers tower 2d floor
    There are too many “bosses” you have to report your quests to.

  • Will try to make things simpler in Basilisk's Eye.

  • Can’t remember how to get to dreamers

  • There is a hole in the ground in the far north west of Caerworn Castle surface map. You land in a tunnel. Follow that tunnel to the stairs.

  • Many thanks for the help

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