Tomb of Skulls

I cannot find the key to the first door on the upper floor. I explored the basement and the subbasement but apparently I am overlooking something. Can I get a hint in the right direction please?


  • You get that by doing the quest for Lady Snaasa in Tomb of Skulls Crypt.

  • Any hint on getting Snaasa to give me the quest. She just makes a wise crack and that's it. Thanks.
  • I had the same proble at first. It seems you need to have some kind of personality hint hint to make her talk to you in a proper way.

  • I am still failing to find the batnip though. Cruising for quite a while now around the bewitching forest.

  • I thought I tried talking with 170 personality. I'll try again. Can't remember where I got the batnip. I'll check it out. Thanks
  • Never mind. Persuasion was high but not personality. I'll look for where I found batnip. Thanks again
  • Well, thank you all for the help! I will open a new one for the Batnip issue.

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