Tomb of Skulls

I cannot find the key to the first door on the upper floor. I explored the basement and the subbasement but apparently I am overlooking something. Can I get a hint in the right direction please?


  • You get that by doing the quest for Lady Snaasa in Tomb of Skulls Crypt.

  • Any hint on getting Snaasa to give me the quest. She just makes a wise crack and that's it. Thanks.
  • I had the same proble at first. It seems you need to have some kind of personality hint hint to make her talk to you in a proper way.

  • I am still failing to find the batnip though. Cruising for quite a while now around the bewitching forest.

  • I thought I tried talking with 170 personality. I'll try again. Can't remember where I got the batnip. I'll check it out. Thanks
  • Never mind. Persuasion was high but not personality. I'll look for where I found batnip. Thanks again
  • Well, thank you all for the help! I will open a new one for the Batnip issue.

  • I cannot get past the “secrets” room with all the switches. Halp!

  • If you played with the switches, pull them all up. Then face east.
    Flip the first switch to your right down,
    Flip the second switch on your left down, again as you face the rows of switches and face east.
    Flip the third switch on your right down.
    Flip the first switch on your left down.
    Flip the second switch on your right down.
    All those should give you a click.
    Lastly, flip the third switch on your left down. That should remove a wall.

  • Thanks Cat.

    Was there a clue I was missing as to how to solve this? Or just trial and error?
  • Just trial and error. HOL I and II were our early games. Today, I'd give a clue.

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