Ents and parsley

Hi, replaying in HD, so much I’d forgotten! How do I kill off the Ents? Can get them to near dead but not finish them off.also I can’t find the special parsley to become a healer?


  • Ignore the Ent question... lightning did the trick!

  • The parsley grows in the Dangerous Garden, reached from Bewitching Grove.grow in the Dangerous Garden, reached from Bewitching Grove.

  • I'm sorry for resurrecting an old post, but my question fits here :-)

    I've tried every flavor of attack magic I have, particularly the lightening and fire related spells. Nothing works--i do zero damage to the ent blocking my way out of Hibarki village. I know I must be missing something, but at this point frustration has kicked in, lol

    Could someone please help?

  • If you can't distract or kill that Ent, you can enter Bewitching Forest from Green Witch Village, towards the southwest of the village.

    Any of these spells should work if you know the spell:

    Burning Hand
    Magic Missile
    Lightning Storm
    Lightning Bolt

  • How weird...I tried each of those, and got no effect whatsoever. My attack magic skill is up to 115, too. I did go out the other way, I just hate leaving something unfinished, lol.

    Thank you!!

  • What platform are you on? If you're on Steam, I might be able to help you. Otherwise, it might be some glitch and you need to reset your game. Turn your phone off and on. Sleep in an inn for 7 nights and 7 days and see if anything changes. Make sure you know the spells from a spellbook. Lightning worked for Bhiffy but they all should work.

    The downside to that is that all the monsters you killed that can respawn, will respawn.

  • Another thought is to tap the monster and then hit it with a spell but I had no problem with the Ents. None of the other testers did either but we test on Steam. We can't test on mobile. The amount of work involved in that is too much to inflict on Elendil.

  • Originally, PPC. I found the game on pda arcade. I have an email thread from you from 2007, when I was stuck on Casper. Now I play on Android. I'll just play around it. It's been long enough that it's all new again :-)

    Thanks for all your help!

  • You're welcome. : )

  • On mobile I found that the spell Paralyze worked. Don't know if that will help or not, but I found that as long as I casted that, it would only take one strike from my melee weapon to finish the ent off.
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